Below are some of 5 & 4-star hotels & projects that we furnished in the region (turn-key openings) which have been done by the group:

  • Tangram Senara Hotel – Erbil – Iraq (Complete Package from Rosenthal, Villeroy & Boch, Schott Zwiesel, Zwiesel 1872, ADE, Alfi, Atelier, Caddie, Carlisle, Chilewich, Craster, Expresso, Frilich, Gerard, Giesser Messer, Hepp, Heute, Hyperlux, Martellato, Mebel, Robot Coupe, Rubbermaid, Zwingo, SKS, Spring, SICO, Alina & Muehldorfer.)
  • Rotana Erbil (Chilewich, Sambonet).
  • Copthorne Hotel Baranan Millennium Hotel, Sulimani / Iraq (Schott zwiesel, Alfi, Carlisle, Craster, Luzerne, Paderno, Spring, Urban bar, WNK, Sambonet, Hepp, Robot Coupe, Rieber, Hokare, Taiji, Mühldorfer).
  • Titanic Hotel Sulimani (Rosenthal, Schott Zwiesel, Paderno, Revol, Rubbermaid, WNK, Carlisle, Chilewich, Atelier, Evinoks, IndelB, Martellato, SKS, Zieher, Robot Coupe).
  • Rotana Karbala Hotel Karbala Iraq (Caddie, Carlisle, Rubbermaid, WNK, Matfer).
  • Millennium Kurdistan Sulimani Iraq. (Rosenthal, Schott Zwiesel, Sambonet Paderno, Hepp, SKS, Caddie, Alina, Muehldorfer, Evinoks, WNK, Matfer, Martellato Robot Coupe, Frilich, Venta, Heute, Rieber, Chilewich, Revol, Hokare, Spring, Dualit, Rubbermaid, Zieher, Atelier, Carlisle).
  • Grand Millennium Sulimani Iraq (Rosenthal, Villeroy & Boch, Schott Zwiesel, Hepp, Spring, Zieher, Matfer, Revol, Wanzl, Rieber, SICO, Carlisle, Rubbermaid, Venta, Mebel, WNK, Brennwagen, Heute, Lever, Robot Coupe, Atelier, Chilewich, Craster, Peugeot, Kaechele, Beelonia, EMME Group, Sweiss).
  • Rotana Hotel Amman (Rosenthal, Villeroy & Boch, HEPP, Laguiole en Aubrac, Chilewich, Frilich, Potterhaus, Alfi & Zieher).
  • Boulevard by Rotana Amman Jordan, (Forbes, Wanzl, Revol, Paderno, Hepp, Peugeot, Chilewich).
  • Amman Airport Hotel & VIP Lounge (1st Class for non-RJ) (Villeroy & Boch, Hepp, Spring, Zieher, Josef Höller and Rosenthal Versace).
  • Taj Erbil Iraq/Erbil (VERSACE, Sambonet Paderno, Steelite, WNK, Durobor, Parotex/Casarovea)
  • Star marina restaurant Iraq/Erbil (Steelite, WNK, Durobor, Libbey, Chilewich)
  • Diamond restaurant Iraq/Erbil (Rosenthal, WNK, Durobor, REVOL, LIAN)
  • Le Boulevard Iraq/Erbil (WNK, Durobor, Libbey, Rosenthal, REVOL, PADERNO, Carlisle, HEPP)
  • HYKSOS Hotel Iraq/Erbil (SPRING, PADERNO, WNK, Rosenthal, Durobor)
  • Ankawa Royal hotel & spa Erbil (Rosenthal, WNK, Durobor, SCHOTTZWISEL)
  • Balcony Restaurant & café (Chilewich, LAVA, PADERNO, Durobor, Arthur crop)
  • Naranj Restaurant Iraq/Erbil (Parotex/Casarovea, WNK, SAMPONET PADERNO)

Projects under construction and in contacts with:

  • Kempinski Erbil.
  • Swiss Bill Erbil.
  • Best Western Erbil.

Projects under studying:

  • Hawraman Hotel.
  • Sheraton Karbala.
  • Al-Marora / Baghdad.
  • Rotana / Sulimani.

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