Rosnethal Studio-Line :

Rosenthal Studio-Line collection has a very various collection of gifts (vases, masterpiece…) made by large number of famous world artists.

Rosenthal Studio-Line collection is one of the most requested items in the giftware division and has much models of classic and modern professional items made of porcelain, glass, crystal.

Tom’s Drag:

Each piece is unique and has been manufactured by porcelain specialists with all their inherent expertise and attention to detail.

16 different colors and at least as many color tones as well as a lavish gilt finish, applied by hand, make this collection truly special. In addition, absolute precision and four firing processes, at temperatures of up to 1350°, are required to create these exquisite objets d´art.

As you would expect, all cups and plates are different and can be combined either tone-in-tone or wild and crazy across the colors.